Types of offered services

Full truck load (FTL)

Provided within the country as well as as internationally.

(LCL) Less than Container Load & Cargo Consolidation

Consolidated and partial cargo

Specialized transport

(HDS, doppelstock, movable floor, platforms, cold storage, dump trucks)

Dangerous Materials Transport (ADR)

Vehicles marked with standardized ADR plates

Container transport

Container transport is the transport of large shipments.

Express delivery

Fast and precise transport of your goods

Deliveries "just in time"

System JiT (Just-in-Time)

Door-to-Door Deliveries

(especially dedicated to clients in the electronics industry)


By default, our services are covered by insurance under the forwarder's liability insurance.


Additional Services

  • Solution for return packaging trade (including return of pallets)
  • Customs clearance
  • Two-Driver Teams
  • Cargo insurance
  • Specialized solutions for the electronics industry (high-tech)
  • Ongoing reporting of current statuses